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You’re madly in love, just got engaged and preparing to embark on life’s journey together. Now you get to experience the fun, and sometimes annoying, process that is wedding planning. Or you may decide that an elopement suits you a little better. Throughout this process there are so many little things to consider and decide on, the list is huge. One of those being the beloved engagement photography session otherwise referred to as the pre-wedding shoot. As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate, hey?

An engagement session has it’s merits and I believe it really does play an important part in the lead up to your big day. The following is a break down of the benefits and reasons why you may choose to have one.


1. Get to know your photographer

Chances are, unless you’re a high profile actress/actor, you probably haven’t spent the day being followed around by a stranger pointing a camera at you. When you think about it, that’s kind of what happens on your wedding day.

Your engagement session offers the opportunity to meet and get to know your photographer and vice versa. For me, aside from capturing some brilliant moments together, this is probably the biggest take away that I want from these sessions. That way, when it comes to your big day, we are basically friends celebrating a special moment in your lives. We can laugh and joke together, you can be yourselves and things are far more natural. This sense of comfortability and friendship shines through in your wedding day photographs.


2. Gets you comfortable in front of the camera

Still important today, although less so than in years past due to phone cameras and the selfie, is how well an engagement session can ease those pre-wedding jitters of being in front of a camera. Although I have quite a raw and candid approach to photography, I do use these engagement sessions to give you some direction and tips. These will help you to feel less anxious and far more relaxed in front of the camera during the big day.


3. Beautiful photographs for your wedding invitations and guest book

This is something that I love to see!
Your engagement photos make for the perfect addition to your save the date cards and wedding invitations. Additionally, if you’re planning to have a guest book at your wedding these photos look beautiful as a front page or as a visual story throughout.


4. Meaningful locations

In most cases your wedding photo’s are going to be restricted to your venue and surrounding areas. And so you may be unable to get that special shot at a location that has significant meaning for the two of you. Perhaps where you first met, where you got engaged or even where you visited for your first trip away. I have a list of amazing engagement shoot locations but I love to collaborate with you to make the session absolutely perfect. So if you do have a spot in mind that’s significant to you that will be out of reach on your wedding day make sure you let me know so that we can add it to the planning.


5. Documenting an important time in your life

At the end of the day, getting engaged and starting the next chapter in your life together is a huge moment. It’s a milestone. It’s such an important time that it should be celebrated and seen as something more than just the first step towards getting married. A fun photo session is a great way to do this and it gives you something visual to look back on and remember in the many happy years to come.


Let your hair down and have fun

And if nothing else, an engagement session is just a good excuse to step back, let your hair down and have a bit of fun amidst all of the planning. It’s not going to be a formal event, it’s stress free and all about being you and sharing your love for one another. There’ll be laughter, dancing around with one another, piggy backs and high-fives.

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