Wedding Highlights

Seclusions easily became one of my favourite venues after capturing this magical wedding. And with how amazing the service, views and staff were, it’s no surprise that they’re an award winning venue.

Monique and Sam had chosen to have their wedding on the 4th of June, just as Winter was beginning to really bring the cold weather. The team at Seclusions had actually awoken to the first fall of snow just a few days prior to the date. So, with the venue being nestled amongst the mountains in Rydal, there was certainly a chance of snowfall on the day as well.

The 4th rolled around and it was FREEZING. And while I did drive past a little snow around the Gurnang State Forest on the way from Canberra, there was none at the venue or throughout the day. Probably for the best considering the bridesmaids weren’t exactly dressed for it, as stunning as their dresses were.

On that note, massive props to the girls! It was under 10 degrees, but felt even colder with the wind on the day, and they handled that in their relatively bare dresses like it was nothing. While Sam and his Groomsmen enjoyed the warmth of the thermals they’d put on under their suits.

The day ran without a hitch and in true Seclusions style, we had the privilege of taking some photos in the fields with the resident Highland cows and very cheeky Alpacas. 

Here’s a few of the highlights from the beautiful day.